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Client Testimonials

C.J is an amazing presenter that brings both passion and extensive knowledge to the topics. CJ's enthusiasm is evident in his presentation style and his knowledge is inspiring to all that have the privilege to engage with him.
Angela McLaren
Wilkins Creative Insights helped me expand my small business goals into a comprehensive, individualized action plan for success.
He also developed my website from start to finish and transformed it into a user-friendly platform, while maintaining the spirit & style of Textile Apparel.
Working with C.J. is like having an experienced business partner in your corner.
Textile Apparel Logo
Alicia Meier
Textile Apparel
A few years ago, we realized we needed to have a social media presence for our YMCA. Not having staff with a background in social media made it challenging to get started. C.J. was able to make recommendations on what would best suit our needs. He took the time to train me on different social media channels, digital ads, and a review of our website. He was absolutely fantastic to deal with – always quick to respond and extremely personable.
I would recommend C.J. to any organization that is looking for social media marketing expertise and support.
Al Nerbas
YMCA of Brandon
When it comes to Marketing and communications strategy, C.J. totally works his magic! C.J. is able to take a 20 minute story and make it 5 minutes yet more impactful!
We had been delivering services for 37 years and no one was able to donate on our website. C.J. brought our website into the 21st century so that our website is now interactive, engaging, and now, you can donate with a press of a button!
Logo for Wilkins Marketing client SOWINS
Debbie Scarborough
SOWINS - South Okanagan Women In Need Society
When we asked C.J. to make our website, we had a detailed Photoshop mock up design for what we wanted it to look like. He nailed it.
In a week's time he made it exactly as we wanted, including some additional elements that enhanced the design. Everything was great, from the easy communication to the quickness of it getting done and the accessibility he provided us to edit the parts we asked to be able to edit ourselves.
The other designers we had spoken to prior to C.J. were going to charge us three times as much, take longer to get it done and make a bunch of changes to our design because they weren't able to do what we wanted. These designers also left out vital pieces of information that we didn't know to ask, since we're not website-savvy. Yet C.J. brought them to our attention up front. We couldn't be happier with the result and service he gave.
Anthony Ross
Lantern Valley Studios
I am so thankful to C.J. at Wilkins Marketing and Communications for helping me design and set up my website.
I was in the process of starting a small business and had no clue about how to set up a website or even who to ask for assistance.
Thankfully, I came across this company who made it all so easy! C.J. sat with me and asked me a bunch of questions about what I wanted the website to accomplish, what I liked in terms of colour schemes, theme and layout. In no time at all, he had a website ready for me to test out. It was already exactly what I had hoped for - and more! I really felt that C.J. listened to what I wanted and needed, and made it easy for me to understand. Not only do I have a website that I am proud of, it is user-friendly for my clients and staff!
Okanagan Integral Health
Kristen McKellar
Okanagan Integral Health

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